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5 Gifts Mom will Love!

Looking for something special for mom? Take it from me, a mom, anything we receive from our kids is special and means the world to us. I wanted to help you with your search for a Mother's Day gift. 

1) This Christmas my oldest son gifted me with a simple gold necklace. The necklace itself was beautiful, but what meant the most to me was the scriptural message it came with. It literally brought tears to my eyes. When I found this Mama necklace, I knew this would be a special gift for another mother. 



2) Everyone knows Mama needs some sweet smelling lotions, creams or sprays. We have the hottest selling Bridgewater product, Sweet Grace! From hand lotions to laundry detergents, we have you covered. Choose from an assortment of Sweet Grace products for mom. Our 2 most popular Sweet Grace products are the hand cream and the hand soap.










3) We all know mom would love a new tote! I mean have you seen all the things mom carries in her tote? Everything but the kitchen sink, right? We have the perfect oversized tote for everything mom needs to carry.

4) Another favorite of mine is a super BIG coffee mug! I absolutely LOVE a BIG coffee mug for my morning coffee. Like most moms, I need that extra large coffee to get me going, but don't give her any mug. Give her a Glory Haus mug with a special message.


5) Still lost on what mom would like? A great graphic tee! I love a good graphic and one that has a great message is the best! What better state of mind for mom than VACATION! Our "Vacation State of Mind" tee shirt is the best.

What ever you choose to get your mom, she will love it because it comes from someone very dear and special to her. Just remember, it's always YOU she loves the most.

Happy Mother's Day to all of the mothers our there. May your day be filled with love.